Internationalization is the trend in 2014


A year ago I started to write about being one step ahead of the crisis and focusing on growth opportunities instead of only on cost savings and downsizing.

My main reasons for setting up Write Away, were and still are my belief in ´thinking big´ and creating global partnerships, keeping in mind that


Communicating across cultures


Well, for most of us, the summer holidays are over and we are back at our desks evaluating the feasibility of the business objectives set in January.

We are also back at our desks, reminiscing on our vacation.

–          Did you go abroad this year?

–          If you did, how did you get on?

–          Did you experience the frustration of having difficulty making yourself understood? Continue reading

Deliver top service


Deliver top service, and build sustainable professional relationships

Of course that goes for all of us, not just for translators or language professionals. Though there are times when I wonder if everyone realises that.

If you buy a tangible product, you

– expect it to work;

– to meet the description and the purpose for which you bought it;

– to be given some guarantee as to durability;

–  you expect a minimum of courtesy from the person who sells it to you.

So, if you are providing a service, why should that be any different? Continue reading