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Developing and practicing international presentations

Giving presentations comes easily to some, also in an international setting. However, this is not true for everyone! Giving a presentation can be daunting enough, never mind in an international setting, in a strange language. That makes it even more challenging. Write Away, text and design can help you to give the best possible presentation in an international environment. We teach you handy tricks so you can shine internationally. You don't need to be a language expert, or a presentation guru, that's not what we do. Our goal is to ensure you complete your presentation as well as you can and get your message across effectively. Even if your English is only average (in your opinion) and/or presentations are not your strong suit, we can still help you put together a good presentation, in terms of form and content. And remember, we also have the expertise if you are English speaking, and need a presentation in Dutch. Contact us!

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