Write Away advises:

You have decided to set up your own company. You know exactly what you have to offer and what your own particular skills are. But how do you put that into words? How do you create an image, a brand that does justice to your special, unique product or service?
Talk to Geraldine, at Write Away. Geraldine cuts to the chase and will advise you on your image, your media needs and your business plan.

Write Away writes, translates, edits and proofreads:

– webcontent and blogs
– books, e-books, manuals
– market research reports
– presentations
– educational, financial, commercial, legal, creative texts
– ezine and magazine articles
– essays en theses

Write Away designs:

– brochures and flyers- Newsletters – Personnels magazines
– book covers
– Website content and localization
– powerpoint presentations and YouTube films

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