Geraldine Nesbitt is Write Away, Text and Design and her creative approach is what makes Write Away, Text and Design unique. Her creative writing and painting ventures have developed her sharp eye for detail and widened her area of vision creating an ability to think ‘outside the box’. She believes in authenticity and that is reflected in all her activities. Moving from employment to self-employment Geraldine set up Write Away, Text and Design. She believes in the perfect first impression and uses her skills as a writer and creative thinker to help companies develop the optimum profile at home and abroad. Geraldine has 25 years experience in business in The Netherlands, and has worked for various sectors and in a wide variety of positions. Her professional jargon ranges from financial, to sales and marketing. Her area of expertise includes pharmaceutical, agricultural and legal texts. Her design skills were developed on the job as a DTPer and web content manager.

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