The essence is internationalization

My main reasons for setting up Write Away, were and still are my belief in ´thinking big´ and creating global partnerships, keeping in mind that


Well, some of the magazines I edited and translated last year reflected that vision. Trends such as  ´cloud solutions´ and increased use of ´open source´ software and applications, require companies to develop language proficiency, especially in the ICT department.

The various social media platforms have shrunk our world even more, and to use them effectively for business purposes basic English is a must.

A made to measure Write Away training will help.  I look at your specific form of communication, map out your requirements, and give you and/or your staff the language tools precisely tailored to your company’s needs. Interested?

But more than that, there has been a huge shift towards re-shoring, with America in particular closing its subsidiaries in China and other emerging markets and reestablishing them in the US. Raw materials, expertise and technology not produced at home, will be bought in from European markets. Are you ambitious? Would you like to be one of the new global partners? Make sure your company makes the right impression online and offline. Let me know.

Do you provide the English speaking visitor to your site with all the necessary information? Do you have leaflets, brochures and other documentation available in English to download from your site? Are you prepared for multinational meetings? It’s worth investing in!

Not only will Write Away take care of this for you, we also make sure your Terms and Conditions, Sales Terms and any other official documents are accurately translated, too.

For a multilingual workforce, Write Away will translate Standard Contracts of Employment, HR Policy and Personnel Manuals.

In short, anything you have created in Dutch, Write Away will mirror in English.

But at Write Away it is about much more than just translating your media. Write Away will edit, re-write and optimize both your Dutch and English web and other texts for maximum results. We also take the time to discuss your goals and aspirations, examine your potential target audience and define their needs.

Maybe you already have a Dutch and an English version of your website, but it’s not generating new business for you. Perhaps a re-write is a better solution than a translation.

Write Away is your behind the scenes partner, enabling you to create and sustain an optimal international profile.

The time is now! Internationalization is the buzz for 2014. I don’t want you to miss your chance.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Currently there are two special offers: benefit from one or both:

- Hire Write Away to translate, edit or re-write your web texts before 15th April and the home page will be done free of charge.

- Subscribe to the Write Away newsletter and receive an extra hour of consultancy when you engage any of our services.

Have we missed anything? Share your ideas or ask any questions in the comments box below. Or fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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